SEO Negative Factors

What is SEO Negative Factors?

SEO Negative Factors is where you did something that is not right to your website that makes it difficult to rank at higher ranking. It can come by a simple mistake, lack of research, ignorant and many more by yourself.

In this page, we will list down some of the factors that can harm your website in term of SEO ranking. Avoid all these factors as best as you can.

1. Linking your website to a low trust websites

  • be very careful when you want to leverage your resources.
  • only choose websites’ link that are credible and trustworthy.
  • do a research before you choose any websites to be linked.
  • send link to websites with a good quality content. Do not send to websites that is full of advertisement with low quality content.
  • your website’s credibility also depend on your links that you send.

2. Duplicate content

  • be careful of using duplicate content.
  • Google is very sensitive on plagiarism because they do not want you to duplicate other people write up and paste it in your site.
  • use your own unique articles written by yourself or you can outsource the write up.
  • do not use the same title tags in the same websites.

3. Your website is not friendly to mobile device

  • focus on responsive web design which we already discuss on earlier page.
  • search engine like Google takes their user experience seriously hence you need to make you website user friendly to mobile device.
  • your website need to be flexible enough to fit to any sizes of mobile device.

4. Make sure there is no spelling and grammar issues

  • what search engine want is a quality content for their users.
  • if your websites has a low quality content due to spelling and grammar error, this will cause a quick bounces and it is really not a good thing to have.
  • if your content is good, people will respect your website hence sales conversion is much easier.
  • if you outsource your content make sure you review it and make some editing to suit to your audience because only you know what your audience looking for.

5. Make sure your content is readable

  • content that is difficult to read and understand will give a negative impact to your website.
  • do not write in long winded manner. Breakup to paragraph so that it is easy to read.
  • your audience will leave your website once they have difficulty to read your content hence will increase your bounce rate.
  • your content design should be easy on the eyes such as background and font.

6. Broken links & videos or the usage of Flash

  • use videos which is on MP4 platform.
  • do not use Flash as it is not accessible by some mobile device.
  • you can use a video from YouTube for your content (recommended).
  • you can use Google Webmaster’s Tool to check for any broken links.
  • websites with a lot of broken link and unaccessible videos will loose their credibility.



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