Proven SEO Strategies

Understanding on Proven SEO Strategies That Works Today

SEO today as compare to earlier day are totally work on a different strategies. Search engine company prioritize websites with good quality content, credible link and many more because people will choose using a search engine that they can trust.

For example, if people use Google to search things and what they get is not what they want or maybe a lot of spamming, they will leave and use Bing or Yahoo.

Google as the biggest search engine definitely look seriously into the best user experience. Hence, it is important for us to work around Google on SEO strategies. We do not want Google to left us out.


Here Are Some Of The Proven SEO Strategies Needed For Your Website?

  • Always look good in Google’s eyes. Follow their rules and do not do funny things with them.
  • Keyword is important but it is not the only factor that Google rely for ranking purposes. Quality and quantity of content, credibility of the link that you add in your website and many more unexplainable factors.
  • Build as good website as you can. A small factors that you did can impact your ranking with another website.
  • Place a keyword in your content. But do not over do it. You do not want to stuff your keyword blindly but rather do it naturally.
  • Your “anchor text” must be normal without stuffing it to your keyword. Anchor text is the blue underline text that has a link to it.
  • Make sure your website’s reputation is good. Google will not only see your content but also social engagement (eg. interaction) and signals (eg. share) towards your website.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Google really look into this matter seriously as the trending shows that more and more people use their mobile device to do searching.
  • Use Google Analytic to know your website’s bounce rate. Bounce rate is where people see your website’s page and leave immediately. Remove or improve your content that has high bounce rate.
  • You should have blog in your website. By blogging, you can increase your SEO and indirectly increase your niche business opportunity.
  • Your website load time cannot be too slow. Your visitors might leave if the loading takes time and will increase the bounce rate which lead to bad SEO.
  • Incorporate social media in your website by having button for Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and encourage your visitors on social sharing. Remember, your reputation gives an impact on your SEO ranking.
  • Create engaging content for your blog. Make your visitors excited on your blog and in result they will share it with their friends. The best thing could happen beside improving your SEO is, they will remember and revisit your website for new content in your blog.



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