OnPage SEO Strategy 1

On this onpage SEO strategy 1 video, it will explain to you on more specific strategy to get your SEO right. Onpage SEO or also known as internal ranking factors is the part that you can have a total control.

Whatever extra SEO strategy that you do, it will differentiate your website with competitors. Put more effort to think on how to improve your website. Think about the strategies that we have discussed before…implement it.

Although what you did is just a small thing but it will give an impact to your SEO. Remember, Google has a capabilities to look into this. Sometimes, Google look into something that we do not even understand.

Do not do things that violates Google T&C. This is something that you do not want to mess with. Do not spam, use “blackhat strategies” or something that will create uncomfortable situation because Google really, really focus on their user experience.

They just simply want the best for their user. They want user to stick to them instead of going to their competitors. In other word, just play around on what Google want.

Please go through the video and understand on how onpage SEO strategy will help you. Get an idea on how to improve your website. Although it is a little bit technical but believe me, it will give a great benefit.


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