Niche Selling Business

What is Niche Selling Business?

Niche selling business is the final way for you to make money from your niche market. Your website, email list and the traffic that your website has, are your assets which you can sell if you decide to give up and move on to other niche.

Many people make a mistake by not doing anything after spending much time and effort building their niche website. What they think is, their website is a failure, hence decided to leave it by not doing anything and move on to other niche market.

Remember, although your niche website might seems not turning up well from your point of view, but for other people within the niche, they might see it differently. They willing to buy your website if the contents is good and has a decent email list and traffic.

When you want to sell your website, give as much details as possible to your potential buyer such as:

  • Net profit – after deducted all the cost incurred.
  • Revenue – how much money does your website makes in a month.
  • Annual earnings
  • Analytic on your traffic
  • and many more

All of this will determine the value of your niche website. There are few ways on how to calculate your website’s value. Please refer to the video.

How to Sell Your Website?

You can visit few reputable marketplace that sells websites online. People are visiting this marketplace to search and purchase a good websites.They do not want to put much effort and time to build websites from the ground. They just want to choose one good website within their niche and ready to launch their niche marketing.

Among the marketplace that you can advertise your website are:

  • – the biggest marketplace for buy and sell websites.
  • – there is ads fee but you can get a good quality potential buyer here.

There are also people doing niche selling business as their business. They build multiple niche website at one time and sell it off once they feel the website’s value is good. This is more towards short term basis. Something that we would not recommend you to do in this course.

This course is all about building your niche market and profit from it on long term basis. But if one day, someone approach you and offer to buy your niche business at the price that you cannot resist, by all mean…sell it!!


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