Niche Selection Strategies

How to Select Your Niche Market?

In this niche selection strategies page, we will share some of the marketplace where you can do your research before you decide which niche you want to proceed.

Again…you do not need to be an expert in the niche that you are going to choose but it is crucial to do researches to understand about the niche and how to monetized from it.

Niche Selection #1: Clickbank Marketplace

  • is one of the web’s leading market place where you can find various kind of information digital products. This is where they will offer you the products for you to promote and earn your commission.
  • Information products such as eBooks and video courses are selling very well here.
  • Clickbank marketplace contains a lot of valuable niche research. You can see what products they are selling and what kind of products that people are looking for.
  • You can do a research on how well the products are selling by looking into the popularity or gravity score.
  • Clickbank is the place where you can monetized from your niche market by becoming their affiliate. If you decide to produce your own information products under your niche, you can also become their vendor.
  • They offer the products with a commission up to 75%!!!!!


Niche Selection #2: Flippa Marketplace

  • is a leading ‘website for sale’ marketplace.
  • If you find a difficulties in setting up your own website, you can always come to Flippa to buy a ready website and receive a valuable niche insights.
  • You can find traffic data, income data or email list size of every each website that is on sale. This way, you can filter through and choose the best website for your niche.
  • Flippa can give you an ideas on how to built up your business and also pick up some ideas for your niche website. In this way, you can replicate or follow on the successful websites and apply it to your own.
  • Don’t get me wrong!!! I am not asking you to purchase the website from Flippa. What I want is for you to do your research here before you decide on your niche market. You can see what they do right and what is not and pick up some ideas when you are ready to built your niche website.



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