Niche Selection Strategies 2

In this page, we will continue to share with you on where to do your research before you can decide on your niche. It is just a reference for you to start off, as the more research you did, the better understanding that you will have within your niche.

Niche Selection #3: Common Ailment

  • Under common ailment, there are hundreds of niche that you could possibly choose from.
  • You can start do your research from reputable health website such as and you can see a lots of common ailment fro you to choose as your niche.
  • From your research, you can cross check with Clickbank or Amazon to see their offering.
  • In this niche, people that suffer from common ailment are open to natural solutions to solve their problems. That is where your offering might give benefits to them.
  • If you can help someone to be comfortable of the problems that they have, we believe that you are in a profitable niche.
  • Bare in mind that you need a good disclaimer when you promote your offering in this niche. You can get example of disclaimer online as well.

Niche Selection #4: Yellow Pages

  • You can also do your research in Yellow Pages on popular niche market.
  • Example of online yellow pages is

Niche Selection #5:

  • This is the most popular articles directory online where you can find all kind of subjects or topics for your niche.
  • You can do a research on what topics is on demand or popular.
  • EzineArticles is also useful when you want to promote your niche market. You can write an articles base on your niche and post it to EzineArtcles with your website link in it. The result is a free traffic to your website when people click on your link.

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