Niche Monetization

How to Monetized From Your Niche Market?

Niche Monetization simply means making money out of your niche. Once you have decided what niche you want to do, the next thing is to think on how to monetized it. You can make money from your niche by doing niche marketing in many ways.

1. Affiliate Marketing

  • This is a popular way to make money from your niche.
  • You refer your website’s visitor to vendor’s website and you get paid.
  • You promote a product or solution for commission.
  • Digital products pay higher commission as compare to physical products.
  • There are a lots of vendors that you can become their affiliates. (refer to video for some reference)

2. Cost Per Action (CPA)

  • It is not necessary you get paid base on sales.
  • Earning set of amount by sending leads to your vendors.
  • Get paid for sales. Almost similar to affiliate marketing but the amount paid on the action of sales.
  • You get a fix amount of money if the people take action on the offer you sent for example a trial of a product.

3. Building an email list

  • Allows you to consistently promoting an ongoing promotion to your targeted audience. Every online marketer will find this is the best way in making money
  • This is the best way to generate consistent income.
  • It is the fastest and easiest way for you to promote any offer to your targeted audience.
  • Email list can become a valuable asset to your niche.

4. Create Your Own Product

  • If you really good in your niche, you might want to consider creating your own digital products.
  • This product belongs to you and you will get all the profit.
  • By creating your own products, not only you will get sales but also credibility in your niche.
  • Easier and faster way to build up your email list.
  • Example of products you can create is eBook or video.
  • You can also use Clickbank to market your product. This way, your product will reach to your niche audience faster and at the same time you will get free traffic to your website..

5. Contextual Link

  • A good example is Google Adsense. Once your website is ready with quality contents, you can apply to Google for their Adsense.
  • This will allow you to put up advertisement by Google in you website. You get paid if people visit your website and click to the ads.
  • A vendor of your niche product might also approach you to put a link in your website. Visitors click, you get paid!!!
  • A quality content and high traffic to your website is a key ingredient to this money making method.

6. Selling Your Website

  • You can sell your website if it has high consistent traffic and email list.
  • You might want to consider this if you want to move on to other niche.

7. Multiple Income Stream

  • It is not necessary you only focus on one method above, but you can apply multiple method to multiply your income.
  • You also can have multiple website on multiple niche to achieve this.


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