Niche List Building

Why You Should Do Your Niche List Building?

  • In any online businesses, email list can be considered as a main asset. It can also determine the value of your website.
  • An email list can provide you an instant traffic.
  • You can promote your own product or an offer from your affiliates to your target audience.
  • By having email list, you can follow up and send more offer to your audience once they leave your website. (remember…many times your audience will not take any action on their first visit to your website).
  • It will take many follow up for people to take action hence email list will help you in that.
  • Fastest and easiest way for you to promote your offer to your targeted audience.

How To Build Your Email List?

  1. Register for Autoresponder software – example of this software are or  . This is an automated software that will assist you to send your offer to your email list. The software also will manage your email so you can send email to your list even when you are away on vacation. Our recommended would be GetResponse.
  2. Make a free giveaway offer or “Ethical Bribe” – your audience need reason for them to join your list, so make one good reason for them. A good ethical bribe would be a newsletter or a free report on your niche.
  3. Prepare your “Squeeze Page” – this is the page where you squeeze all the information on your ethical bribe in order for you to get people to join your list.

The important factor in order for you to build up your list is through traffic generation. You definitely cannot build up your list if there is no people clicking to your website or your squeeze page. There are two ways for you to generate traffic:

We will discuss more on how to generate traffic in the next few pages.

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