Mobile Optimized Site

What Is Mobile Optimized Site?

Optimizing your website through smartphone, tablet or any other mobile devices. You want your website to display well and responsive not only on notebook and personal computer but also through all those mobile device.

The trending has shown that many people are depending on their mobile device. Not only for calls, messages and social media but also include searching on things using search engine.

Here are some of the very important information on mobile optimization that you should know. Do not take mobile optimized site lightly as it can can give an impact to your SEO ranking.

  • 90% of mobile searches are using Google as their search engine. It is important to get your website to be responsive on mobile device as you need Google to rank your website.
  • Study has shown that 74% of people are using their mobile to search for products before they purchase. This is because of the easiness to access to any website at anytime and anywhere.
  • Google wants the best user experience for the people so they will rank you lower if your website do not have a responsive design.
  • Responsive design barely means a mobile friendly design. It will display your website well on all mobile device.
  • Your website display must be able to be adjusted in order to fit to any screen size. This will make your visitors easy to read all your content.
  • Not only you want your website to display well but you also need to check on loading speed. If the website load time is very slow, high chances your visitors will leave immediately. This will increase your bounce rate and impact your SEO rank.
  • If your website does not have a responsive design and slow loading speed, get someone to do it online. Outsource the job to expertise rather than cracking your head on how to fix it.



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