Local SEO Strategies

There are some other methods to consider if you are running a local website which require you to get local traffic besides the methods that we have discussed on previous page.

Let us go through on how local SEO strategies could help you to get your website rank in your local search.

It is crucial for you to include in the items below in your website and it must be consistent all the time. For example, do not put different address on different page. You will make your targeted audience confuse.

  • Your company name
  • Address
  • Phone number

To add your location in your title tag is another good way to go for. For example, “Diet program after pregnancy – Brooklyn”.

Try to build up a good relationship with other local website owner and get them to mention about you in their site.

Get listed in local yellow pages, local business organization or association page, or any kind of local page that can give an exposure to your website.

Search for local blog that writes anything about your local scene. Engage with them…get them link to you.

You need to do this in order for you to create your website’s credibility, indirectly improve your SEO ranking.

You also need to understand that search company like Google or Bing have their own local search engine. It means that, the search by local audience is more focus to their current location.

To get your website to be ranked locally is much easier due to less competitors. But do not take granted by not following the strategies that we have discussed before.



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