Link Building Strategy 3


Continuation from Link Building Strategy 2

Method #5 – Online Publicity

  • When you are ready to launch your website, you can publicize it through a “Press Release”.
  • You make a press release to highlight about your website’s content to your niche market online.
  • An effective way to get your niche audience aware on the existence of your website.
  • Your press release must have your website or page link. Otherwise, it means nothing.
  • You can either choose a free or paid press release.

Method #6 – Competition Research

  • You can also find link building opportunities from your competitor’s website.
  • Find out from where they get all the “backlinks” and check on their inbound links.

Method #7 – Helping Others

  • You can join forum within your niche and provide useful and valuable information or content.
  • You also can give a feedback in other people blogs but make sure it is a good comment.
  • By doing this, your niche market will recognize and trust you as an authority.
  • When you become an authority, it is easier for you build your link.

Method #8 – Websites Which Mention You

  • This method only works for websites that are around for quite some time. Forget this if you are new.
  • This is where other websites are talking about your website or you, even without you knowing it. And of course, this will only works if they  mentioning about all good things only.
  • But this does not mean that, they send you their visitors.
  • If you come across this, contact the websites’ owner if they are OK to include your link in their website.

Method #9 – Blog Commenting

  • This is where you can build up your relationship by helping others within your niche especially with the blog’s owner.
  • Do not spam as you are commenting in other people’s blog.
  • Give a good feedback, advice or any useful information.
  • Use search engines to help you find the blogs within your niche.



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