Link Building Strategy 2

In this page, we will discuss more details on link building strategy. There are few methods which you can use to do your link building. Do not limit your website only on one method. Leverage on all the methods where it is possible but make sure the link looks natural.

Method #1 – Content Link

  • What you need to do is to create content that has value and relevant to offer to other websites within your niche.
  • They publish your content and in return, they will link their visitors to your site.(normally your link is in your own content)
  • They are many ways you can find good establish or authority websites that you can offer your content. (refer to video)
  • Usually content link will take time but it is highly effective.

Method #2 – Local Community Involvement

  • You can use this method if you are running a local website around your area.
  • Time commitment needed for this method as you need to hang around for some activities with your local community.
  • You build up you link by engaging with your community or local group. You get them to link to your website through local newsletter, group’s blog, community’s blog and many more.
  • This method is something that you need to do offline instead of online.

Method #3 – Resource Link

  • This method is opposite way from content link.
  • You create a “hot” content and publish in your website.
  • Look for websites within your niche and get them to link to your super hot content. Ask them to send their visitors to your content.
  • Go through the video for some ideas on how to build effective resource link.

Method #4 – Content Distribution

  • This method will also require you to create a good unique content.
  • Submit and publish your content to websites for exposure. Among the websites you can choose are, and many more.
  • Do not use the same content to distribute among the sites. One unique content to one site. Remember…Google not allow duplicate content!!!
  • This is one way for you to get free traffic to your website.

See you in next page for more link building method.

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