Link Building Strategy 1

What is Link Building Strategy?

Link building strategy or also known as “Off Page SEO” are as most important as on page SEO. Even some people consider that it is far more important than on page SEO.

Link building strategy is where you incorporate other websites link into your website and in return, they might want to do the same.We call this “back links” You can also do back links by sending and publishing contents with your link to other establish websites within your niche or send to HubPages, EzineArticles and many more.

This is another way Google and other search engines will take into consideration to rank any websites. They will look on your incoming links to your website and the more natural traffic you have from the back links, the better your rank would be.

But before you want to do your off page SEO, make sure you focus to complete your on page SEO. Make sure you do all the right things needed and avoid all the negative factors that might harm your on page SEO.


Things That You Need To Know About Link Building Strategy

  • It is not easy getting other websites to link to your site, therefore you need to have a good quality content that can give a benefits to them.
  • To have 10 quality and reputable sites that link to you is better than to have 100 low quality, spammy and junk websites.
  • A few good natural quality links to your website will give a great impact on the SEO ranking.
  • Google see your inbound links like a vote. The more incoming natural traffic you get from your links, the more vote you gain to improve your ranking.
  • Create contents within your niche that can add value to the target audience.
  • Build links that only relevant to your website.
  • If your back link did not send you any targeted visitors, scrap it…it is not a good content and move on to create a new one.


In this Link Building Strategy 1 page, we would really want to point out that both, on page and off page SEO are equally important to determine your ranking factor.

Without a good on page SEO, you will never achieve a great off page SEO.


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