Keyword Research Strategy

Understanding On Keyword Research Strategy

In any online businesses, keyword is the main factor that impact on your SEO or internet marketing. You need to take your keyword research seriously. Let us go into details on keyword research strategy.

  • Keyword is a main component of SEO no matter what niche business you are in.
  • Doing internet marketing, keyword research strategy is the best skill for you to master at.
  • Keyword is the way on how you can reach your potential audience through search engine.
  • To look for buyer keyword or “money keyword” is a skill of art. You need to do research and practice to master it.
  • More specific keyword is the best way to go as compare to high traffic keyword. For example, “weight loss after pregnancy” is much better than “weight loss”.
  • By having more specific keyword, you will get more targeted audience for your niche.


How To Find Your Niche Keywords Effectively

  • You can look at your niche market’s current data by using Google Analytics and it will help to find a keyword that people are looking for.
  • Keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner also can be used to find effective keyword.
  • When you search for something in Google, they will suggest on other longtail keywords around your actual keyword. . For example, you type in “weight loss”. Google will gives you few suggestion such as “weight loss tips”, “weight loss diet”, “weight loss program” and so on. Use this as your method as well.
  • Take a look at your competitor’s websites. See how they place their keywords and get some idea from there.
  • Observe the industry websites within your niche. They normally have a bigger websites and their niche are broader. Get some ideas from here as well.
  • Visit sites such as Yahoo Answer. This is the sites where people have their Q&A on everything. Pick up some keyword that you think relevant from this Q&A session.
  • Look at for related keyword phrases.


Please go through the video to understand better on Keyword Research Strategy. This is important as it will guide you on how to use:

  • Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) in order for you to get more specific and better keyword.
  • Google Keyword Planner which is for you to use on discovering new keyword phrases.
  • Google Trends
  • Bing Ads Intelligence
  • Search Suggest from Search Engine





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