Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool

How Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Can Benefits You?

1. Google Analytics – allow you to monitor and track your website statistic.

  • It can give you an information of your visitors.
  • Shows you how your SEO effort is doing.
  • Shows you how long people stay on your website.
  • Shows your bouncing rate hence you can improve your content.
  • Shows you the geo location of the visitors hence give you an idea of creating more effective content.
  • Shows you from which browser your visitors coming, both desktop and mobile.
  • Shows you which keyword that visitors use to land on your site.
  • Shows you real-time statistic.
  • And many more which will help you to improve your website.


If you do not prefer to use Google Analytics, you can also use Clicky which act the same way.

2. Google Webmaster Tool – allow you to diagnose your website.

  • It shows you on issues or errors you have on your pages.
  • It shows either your website has penalty issues with Google.
  • It shows if a hacker try to do something funny with your website.
  • It can also show what keyword your website found by visitors from the search engine.

In conclusion, once you have done your on page and off page SEO, do not stop there. Get these two tools to assist you in managing your website.

It can bring a lot of benefits for you to improve not only your website but indirectly, the ranking in search engine and many more.



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